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The Children’s Place Buy Online Ship To Store

Save time on every online order with The Children's Place Buy Online, Ship to Store service. Just look for the 'Pick Up later in Store' button while shopping, select No Rush pick up and choose the store location and date that works best for you.

Once you have made your online purchase, you'll receive your 'Ready for pickup' email update when your items are ready for pick up. Your purchase will be held at your selected store for a maximum of 7 days. Simply provide a valid photo ID and your order number at your selected PLACE location and you are ready to go! Your online purchase can be picked up in any PLACE store in the continental United States.

Looking to pick up your items TODAY? Try our convenient Buy Online and Pick Up in Store service. Make your online purchase today, select the 'Pick Up in Store' option and pick up your items the same day at a nearby location. It's that easy! Our BOPIS service is the perfect option when you just can't wait.

Need to make a return? We make it simple! Get free returns to any store/outlet (including online exclusives!). Plus, shipping is always free at the PLACE that has everything you need (and they'll love!).