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We believe that kids have the power to do anything and be anyone they want.
The Children’s Place is on a mission to inspire, encourage and empower kids of all
ages to do just that! So here’s a little kidspiration.
Read it. Share it. Love it.

We've partnered with our friends over at ÊTRE GIRLS who introduced us to our first Kid-spirator.


Être is a brand new site where world-changing girls can find the tools
they need to become even more powerful!
Être means "To Be"
Girls...Who Do You Want To Be?

Sammy Image
Sammy Teen Innovator


Sammy Wolfe was just 11 years old when a brilliant idea came to her. She was playing lacrosse and noticed it was hard to grip her stick because her hands were so cold and numb. So she thought… why not create a heated lacrosse stick? And she did just that. With a little help from her parents, she brought her invention FingerFireTM to life.
So ÊTRE GIRLS asked her…

If middle school kids have a cool idea for a new invention, what would you tell them?
What can they do to pursue innovative ideas at an early age?

Begin QuoteOne thing to always remember is to never stop believing in yourself. Even if you are a young woman your ideas do matter. I have received many rejections throughout this (not over yet) journey, but that has never stopped me. You only need one “yes” to have your dreams come true. If you have an innovative idea you want to pursue, share it with friends and family to get feedback and suggestions. For example, the way I found the product development company I have been using (Enventys Partners in Charlotte, North Carolina) was by talking to a family friend that happened to know someone there. Connections are everything in life so make sure to share your ideas with others because you never know what might come out of the conversation. End Quote

  • Maintains 100° for approximately 90 min while outside in temperatures down to 30°
  • Has a toggle switch embedded in the butt of stick for charging and playing mode
  • Super robust structure that’s able to sustain game conditions and is compatible with both carbon fiber and aluminum sticks

Learn more about Sammy Wolfe here.
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