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At The Children's Place, we are committed to responsible sourcing practices in our supply chain. Our guiding vision is to protect and enhance our brand by improving the lives of the people who make our product. To achieve this vision, our team endeavors to work with our global vendors and their factory workforce on initiatives related to fair and safe factory working conditions, education programs to support factory workers in their daily lives and stakeholder collaborations in an effort to improve the garment industry. We realize that we cannot achieve these goals ourselves. We expect all third parties that play a role in our supply chain to be similarly committed to high ethical standards.

The Children's Place does not own or operate any manufacturing facilities, but rather, contracts with global vendors to manufacture products in their network of factories. Our goal is to work with those who are committed to providing fair and safe working conditions for their factory workers. We seek to work with global vendors who demonstrate strong business ethics and transparency in their sourcing practices. It is our strong belief that all factory workers who make our products deserve to have decent and safe work environments.

To support our commitment to responsible sourcing, we have developed a Vendor Code of Conduct. The Vendor Code of Conduct promotes compliance by our global vendors with applicable laws and international standards, such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) core conventions and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The Children's Place also administers a factory audit program in an effort to evaluate and monitor factory working conditions to our Vendor Code of Conduct. Our teams offer guidance and training to vendors and factories to improve conditions within their supply chain. While we recognize that no audit program can guarantee that every factory used by every vendor for The Children's Place is in full compliance with our Vendor Code of Conduct, The Children's Place, nevertheless, strives to continually improve our audit program.

We remain committed to increasing transparency in our supply chain toward preventing human trafficking and forced labor. Click here to learn more about our commitment.

Our Happy PLACE

Our Happy PLACE

At The Children’s Place, we recognize that we can play a role in trying to improve the lives of the factory workers who make our products. We believe such programs move beyond a compliance based approach by focusing on workers’ needs. These programs support our business goals by working to reduce absenteeism and improve factory productivity. We are proud sponsors of the following programs: BSR’s HERproject, CARE’s Healthy Food, Healthy Workplace program, and The Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Happy PLACE

At The Children’s Place, we believe that being a part of stakeholder collaborations is necessary to help address the endemic health and welfare risks in the global supply chain. These collaborations among brands, civil society and government help to develop solutions to the challenges that no one company can resolve. In 2018, we are partnering with the following organizations to contribute to positive change: