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Break a Leg (Not the Bank!): Outfit Ideas For Your Kids’ Holiday Concerts

November 8, 2018
Break a Leg (Not the Bank!): Outfit Ideas For Your Kids’ Holiday Concerts

Parents everywhere know that as the holidays approach, so do the annual “Holiday Concerts” at school. Most schools put on some type of holiday recital, typically involving the kids all standing on stage in the auditorium singing Christmas carols. And every year, the school tells you how to dress your kids for their concert (Spoiler: It’s usually in black and white).

Here are some concert outfit options that are certain to have them stealing the show.

Girls’ Standing Ovation Styles

When it comes to her holiday concert outfit, she has a few different options that won’t break the bank. A white long sleeve shirt is a great investment because she can wear it again and again. Pair this with a black skirt and ballet flats for a dressed-up look. A black skirt is great around this time of year because she can reuse it for all of her holiday celebrations. Don’t forget to complete her look with a pair of tights!

Black pants and boots are other staple styles that she can always wear, and they make for a great concert outfit. Make your life easier…she might already have this in her wardrobe! Complete her look with a trendy cold-shoulder top she’ll love in a light color.

You can never go wrong with the perfect holiday concert dress. Try a style with metallic or glitter details so she can sparkle on stage! She’ll be sure to shine in the spotlight. No matter what outfit you choose for her, try adding touches of rose gold and other metallic details to complement her white and black outfit. The perfect accessories, like shoes, jewelry and headbands, are sure to get the job done.

Boys’ Break-A-Leg Looks

Let’s be honest, Mom…boys usually dress similarly at these holiday concerts. It’s because a white oxford button-down shirt with black or navy chinos is a timeless outfit that never goes wrong. The best part is that he can get year-round use out of these styles since he can re-wear them separately with everything else in his closet. But don’t worry….there are ways to liven up his concert outfit.

Give his look a stylish twist…try substituting his plain white button-down for a light colored one with a stylish print. Or, instead of having him wear the usual dress shoes, add some fun with his favorite hi-top sneakers or slip-ons for a casual-dressy look.

Want to make his holiday concert outfit really stand out? Accessorize! Get him all dressed up with a coordinating tie or bowtie and suspenders set—he’ll look (and feel) extra special. No matter what you choose to dress him in, we know he’s going to knock your socks off (and the rest of the audience’s, too!).

So get ready to hear your kids sing their hearts out and look fantastic this holiday season.

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