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Tips & Tricks To Help Take The Best Holiday Card Photos

October 19, 2018
Tips & Tricks To Help Take The Best Holiday Card Photos

Already thinking about holiday card photos? You’re not alone!

In order to have those holiday photo cards ready to send out, you need to book your family Christmas pictures sooner rather than later. To make the most of those Christmas card pictures, here are some tips for what to wear and how to get the best family photos possible.

Should We Match?

YES! These days, it’s easy to find matching sibling outfits and styles for parents that compliment the matching outfits, so go all out! Whether it’s a theme, pattern, or color, you can all dress up or dress down — either way, everyone who receives your card will love the extra effort you put into coordinating outfits for your Christmas card photo shoot!

When Should We Take Our Photo?

You’ll want to schedule your family holiday pictures with enough lead time to get them back from your photographer and order your holiday photo cards. Also, leave enough time in case you need to have retakes. Coordinate with your photographer well enough in advance that neither of you feels the pressure of a looming deadline.

What Do We Need To Do To Be Prepared?

Getting an entire family clean, dressed, and properly groomed for photos can be stressful for parents, so plan wisely on the day of your photos. Have outfits hung and ready to go the night before, do as much prep work as possible (including having shoes ready, hair bows, and any other needs). Assemble a small kit including a lint roller, wet wipes, combs, brushes, and if you have really little ones, a spare outfit in case of diaper disasters.

Keep Everyone Happy During A Photo Shoot

In order to maximize smiles, schedule your shoot to accommodate naps and meals. Plan a fun family outing for afterward, and let the kids know about this pending treat. Have small, non-messy snacks on hand for children to enjoy in-between takes. Offer kids a quick break if they become tired or cranky during photos. Resist the urge to become impatient with them so you can keep the mood upbeat.

Should We Take “Creative” Photos?

Unique Christmas card picture ideas are usually successful only when the participants are excited about them. In other words, if your family is resistant to out-of-the-box ideas, don’t force the issue. Comfort is key for a successful holiday photo. Discuss your ideas and concerns with your photographer ahead of time, however, as they may have some creative suggestions you can present to your family. Just make sure that everyone is on board.

With a small amount of planning and preparation, this year’s holiday photos will be the best ones yet.

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