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4 Ways To Accessorize Their Uniform Even More!

August 17, 2018
4 Ways To Accessorize Their Uniform Even More!

With the rise of school uniform implementation, expressing a kid’s personal style might seem on the decline. However, for less restrictive schools, accessorizing a uniform is allowed! Some school uniform accessories might have to follow dress code guidelines but for those that can be a little more fun, here’s how to bend the rules and show off your kid’s personality – from head to toe.

Keep Hair (& Hats!) Top Of Mind

Staying clean & neat is a top priority when it comes to uniform dressing, and presentable hair is the most noticeable thing. That’s why we jump at the chance to make really fun, stand-out school uniform hair accessories for every kind of girl and super-cool hats for all the boys! Headbands are the fastest way to polish her long (or short!) locks and keep it out of her face throughout the day. Give glam cat ears to the fab cat lady in training, flip sequins for the #trending girl and unicorn styles for #OOTD fashion queens!

Bling Out Their Best Life With Jewelry

Sometimes jewelry can be a distraction for fidgety kids, but most times they’re a fun way to style their look with extra flair or a group of besties together! Make a magical statement with a Unicorn Choker Necklace pack. Show off her mood with Earrings. Or slap on extra style with tons of slap bracelet designs. BFF jewelry packs are the easiest way to start a tradition among friends because they’re affordable, stylish and easy to layer when they get even more pieces!

Boost Their Confidence With A Stylish (& Supportive!) Backpack

A kid’s backpack is the bestie that sticks with them all year long… They function as an extension of them, so make sure to let your kid pick one that best represents their personality! From Iridescent Space vibes to cool Girl Power style to crazy fun Emoji prints, there’s a backpack fit for every friendship that’ll take ’em from school to extra-curriculars to adventures.

Get Their Shoe & Sock Game On Point

For schools that aren’t picky about shoes, it’s easy to let kids step up the style on their feet! Not only are ballet flats the right fit for your girl’s long day on campus, but there are just SO MANY STYLES to choose from. We’re talking quilted toe ones, shiny faux patent leather ones, flats with purr-fect kitty details, glitter galore, you name it! For the guys, it’s all about picking their favorite color and silhouette comfort level…low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops. If your kids’ school has a standard shoe for both genders, sock hunting will be your household’s favorite pastime. Let your kids pick their favorite pairs, from Knee Socks to fun Ankle Socks for the girls and Sporty Socks to Crew Socks for the guys. Either styling choice will score their feet some big points!

School uniform accessories don’t have to be boring! Even the subtlest piece (like a printed sock!) can change up and personalize a uniform look instantly. Not to mention, make dressing more fun for your kids. So make sure to find out what is and isn’t allowed and get them styling in some fun school accessories stat!

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