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Friends of our place | fun people we know and the awesome things they do!

They say you’re as good as the company you keep, and at our PLACE we get to hang out with some of the coolest, most talented people. They work hard to improve the world around them ‐ plus believe in the strength of #kidpower ‐ and we just can’t keep them to ourselves! Get to know our friends as we share their stories and positive vibes with a quick Q&A session (and maybe some doodles, too).

Meet Dani Boglivi-Fiori | Cookie Designer Extraordinaire | @sweetdanib

There are some really cool people at our PLACE. Lucky for us… they also know some really really cool people! Keith Fiori is our super-talented Vice President of Boys Graphics. He introduced us to his Emmy-Award Winning Set & Prop Stylist wife, Dani. This husband/wife duo is bursting with creativity… not only in fashion, but with sweet treats, too!

Dani B and her shop

We had the pleasure of hanging with Dani for the day at her brand-new cookie shop, Sweet Dani B. Within minutes of walking in, her ‘life is sweet’ mantra greeted us, not only on her shirt, but with her bubbly, sweet personality! We got to check out (and sample!) some of her beautiful custom cookies before inviting some friends over for a cookie party. Read on to learn more about Dani and how to throw the SWEETEST cookie party any kid will love!

Dani Shop Interior
Life is Sweet
How did you get into cookie making?

I was searching for a unique wedding favor and thought something edible like a decorated cookie would be perfect. I had seen them in the pages of Martha Stewart Living and Weddings but was too afraid to try making them. I had never baked a thing in my life! A friend encouraged me to try it after she brought a plate of homemade heart cookies to our wedding rehearsal dinner. Sixteen years later, that cookie is now our “house heart” in the cookie shop.

What is your favorite type of cookie to decorate and why?

I have so many favorites it would be hard to pick just one... Unicorn, Hug Monster, Rainbow, Cloud, Owl, Troll, Snowglobe… just to name a few. Least favorite= Soccer Ball (every cookier’s nemesis is the Soccer Ball!)

What’s your personal recipe for happiness?

All of the above plus find someone amazing to share your life with.

Dani's Cookie Party Recipe | Perfect for Birthdays, Snow Days & Play Days!
  • 2-3 cookie cutters (Fun fact: Dani designs her very own cookie cutter and has over 1,000 unique shapes!)
  • Paper plates
  • Toothpicks
  • Really good music
  • Plastic table cloth


– Pre-bake your fun-shaped cookies.


– Prep your table with all your decorating necessities.


– Add enthusiastic kids.


– Get creative & start decorating!

A Gourmet Q & A
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