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The Ultimate Spring Break Packing List For Kids

April 1, 2019
The Ultimate Spring Break Packing List For Kids

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and you know what that means…your spring break vacay is almost here! We know, Mom—you’ve been looking forward to this through every snow storm and school cancellation. It’s finally time to get some sun and relaxation!


It’s probably your job to pack for not only you, but your whole crew. Packing spring clothes for kids PLUS making sure everything coordinates into cute outfits can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Packing styles that can easily mix and match together is the best way to go. Our Girls and Boys Matchables styles are easy-to-wear anywhere pieces made to coordinate…perfect for any spring break adventure!

What to Pack

Below is a list of what to pack for a 5-day spring break getaway for girls and boys.

3-5 Tank Tops and Tees
• For girls, try one with a tie-front detail for an extra touch of style. She’ll also love the glittery and printed options.
• He’ll want all the cool sports and video game designs!

4 Knit Shorts
• They’re perfect for lounging or adventuring…check out our dolphin and bike styles for her.
• For boys, basketball shorts are always a must.

3 Skorts
• She can wear them to a nice dinner.

2 Off-Shoulder Tops
• Pair these with her favorite skort for a chic & comfy outfit (or dress up her shorts!).

2 Chino Shorts
• These are perfect for when he has to dress a little nicer.

2 Button-Down Shirts
• He can wear these with the chinos…be sure to check out our fun, printed styles!

1 Denim Jacket
• Just in case they get chilly in air conditioning or if the temperature drops at night.

3 Swim Suits
• Consider packing one or two extra if you’re travelling to somewhere warm and tropical.

3 Pairs of Shoes
• We recommend a pair of flip flops for the pool or beach, sneakers for when they’ll be walking a lot, and sandals for dinner.

Socks and Underwear
• Always pack extra…they can never have too many!

• Have them help with packing by letting them pick their favorites! Try headbands, sunglasses and jewelry for girls, and cool hats, watches and sunglasses for boys.

Pro Tip: Packing a couple of extra styles is always a good idea…you never know when they’ll need an outfit change because of stains or spills!

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