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What Do The Stars Say: April 2019 Horoscopes For Kids

March 21, 2019
What Do The Stars Say: April 2019 Horoscopes For Kids
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Happy birthday to all rambunctious little rams out there this month! There’s a solar eclipse happening at the beginning of this month, on April 8th, so get ready for a brand-spanking new cycle that extends beyond a decade! What does this mean for your kiddo, Mom? It’s time to start something new, something that may take time to gain momentum, but that your child wants to do — and possibly needs to do. They’ve got planetary alignment until October, giving them (with your support/help) the green light. Encourage your kid to hone in on their intuition, because they’ve got a good sense of what’s going on beyond themselves. Some would even say their psychic abilities are ramping up right now, and that’s a good thing!
TAURUS (April 20-May 21)
The solar eclipse in Aries lands on the 8th of April, which for little Taureans means the spotlight is on your kiddo’s health, pets, and extracurricular activities this month. With Venus also being square to Saturn around this time, it’s likely your little Ox needs a bit more TLC than usual. But don’t fret, Mom, this just means they need more time getting some R&R as well as Vitamin D from the sun (hint: Get outside with them). From now until October, you may notice your child thinking out of the box and trying new things, or doing things in new ways. Encourage creativity- it’s good for the soul!

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
The theme for the little twins this month has to do with meeting new people and putting their energies behind friends in their social circle around this month’s solar eclipse. This is good news because from now until mid July 2019, Saturn enters the picture and wants all Geminis to really think about what’s important to them and to further develop their talents. Tie all of that to Uranus giving the twins more room to breathe and a little bit more independence, and you’ve got a kiddo itching to take flight — but all under your watchful gaze, Mom. Interesting and related sidebar: Geminis are able to get “into” places and situations others find nearly impossible. Perhaps that’s where they’re headed.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
School, family, and friends are the center of attention for little crabs this month, especially around the April 8th solar eclipse. There’s some need to get up in front of others, perhaps at a public speaking competition or a class project that gets presented in front of peers and the teacher. Your kiddo will work hard to prepare, shelving their shy, introspective natures for the task at hand. And the eclipse brings help from others able to lend a hand, just when they need it most. Bravo, little crab! You can do it!

LEO (July 23-August 22)
There’s no better time for your little lion to start thinking of their “bigger” picture, aka, what they’d like to get really good at, than now. With the solar eclipse on April 8th, this is a phase of endings and new beginnings for Leos, so the timing is right to learn and even travel to learn. If your kiddo is a piano player, for example, or an athlete-in-training, the chance to connect with a really top-notch teacher may arise. Grab it with both hands, Mom — it will likely lead to something terrific for your kiddo! If nothing else, they cram more knowledge into their curious, bright minds and everyone wins!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
One of the most challenging things for most little Virgos is to overcome their myriad fears (real, perceived or imagined) and concern over what others might think of them. They also realize that sometimes, they need the help of others to get things done. That bothers little Virgos sometimes, but Mom, you can remind them that giving and receiving help is all a part of life. It doesn’t mean your kiddo can’t handle things on their own. On the contrary. Your little planners like to organize, plant seeds, start new projects, and bring them to fruition. You can’t be a defenseless slouch and manage all that at the same time, so celebrate the wins, big and small. There are plenty of them!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
Did someone, an adult or a friend, just tell your little Libra that they’re too talkative, Mom? Nope, that’s not it at all: they’re actually expressing themselves more eloquently than ever before. This month signals the beginning of a solid journey for the remainder of the year where the future looks mighty good. Just remind your deliberate little ones, Mom, not to get hung up on the minutiae, because right now, it’s about the bigger picture. You’ll notice your child being more focused for the remainder of 2019 with “ambitious” being the key adjective right now. Go for it, little Libra!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
If you notice your kiddo is a bit more emotionally charged, restless, or impatient this month, that’s likely because the April 8th solar eclipse falls in Scorpio’s 6th house of health, Mom. You may want to consider looking into their diet, daily schedule, school routine, and/or sleeping habits. One or more of these may need some tweaking to get your little scorpion back to their more cheery, centered self. And if that doesn’t do it, maybe they’re worried about a family member or friend, and just aren’t saying anything to anyone about it. You know your child, so if a heart-to-heart is what’s needed here, go for it. You’ll both be glad you did.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)
Uh-oh! Is your little archer starting to sniffle and cough this month, Mom? We hope not, but if they’re getting an early spring cold, do what you can to cut it off at the pass. Taking care of your highly active little one’s health is always a good idea, and that’s especially the case this month. Those health precautions should also include the spiritual side since these kids are some of the most intuitive around. Take time to do some yoga with your kid, if you’re so inclined, or enroll them in a class for kids, allow them to express themselves through art, storytelling or by keeping a dream journal. While you help take care of their physical bodies, these activities help keep their agile minds healthy, too!

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
Apart from being big-time planners and thinkers, Capricorns, even little ones, have a knack for fully grasping the “bigger” picture and deciding that they’re the ones to change the world. And while this isn’t a bad thing, we need practical, get-it-done dreamers to make positive changes after all, this can also zap your little goat’s energy reserve. Especially when they start to forget about taking care of themselves and those around them. Help them shift their focus, even just a little bit, Mom, so that these lofty goals don’t overshadow some of the good around them. And yes, there’s a lot of good!

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)
April is gearing up to be a busy month for your little water bearer, Mom. They’ll find themselves constantly on the go, helping friends, classmates, and even siblings. Expect the social and school calendar to fill up quickly, especially around the April 8th solar eclipse. Your wise kiddo is sought after for advice, especially if siblings are in the picture. Take a minute though to ask your child to gauge their own “pulse.” Are their feelings more easily hurt this month, but they don’t want to show it? Could be that something is worrying them, so press the pause button on the flurry of activity, Mom, and get your child to sit down for a heart-to-heart. That ought to do the trick!

PISCES (February 20-March 19)
Good news and events come into your little fish’s life this month, Mom, through school or extracurricular activities. But your kiddo may think they’re still not getting the TLC or recognition they feel they’ve worked so hard for. That all changes once July comes, but right now, it’s about facing those nagging insecurities that can make things a slow slog for your sensitive child. With your help, Mom, now is about helping your child create the present and future they really want; no dream is too big or too small. It’s in them to achieve their inner-most desires, with a little bit of help from their friends.

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