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How to Outfit the Kids for Easter…From Dressy Styles to Matching Looks!

March 20, 2019
How to Outfit the Kids for Easter…From Dressy Styles to Matching Looks!

Pastel dresses, bowties, bunnies – that’s right, Easter is almost here. Choosing everyone’s Easter outfits, dyeing eggs, building the perfect basket, and selecting where you’ll have Easter brunch or dinner all require advanced planning.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to clothing, offering a variety of kids’ Easter outfits to please even the most opinionated child! (Note: Make sure to include your kids in the decision making before you purchase their Easter outfits. All of your advanced planning will be for naught if you have a clothing argument on a holiday morning.)

Not sure what to wear when or where? We’ve got that covered, too!

Getting The Kids Dressed Up For Easter

Traditional churches may require a more formal look allowing girls the opportunity to dress up for the occasion. Easter dresses with lace or other embellishments, along with festive headbands or bows will do the trick. This is also the place for boys to sport a polished outfit, wearing a poplin button-down shirt or polo, chinos, and maybe even a tie and/or vest for services. Easter is one of those holidays where color-coordinated outfits are not only acceptable, but encouraged. Stick to pastels and you can’t go wrong.

Want to match your kids? Mommy & Me dresses are an easy and fun way for mothers and daughters to wear the same pattern in age-appropriate styles. Dad & Me outfits give boys the opportunity to dress exactly like their father or simply match suspenders and ties.

Parenting Pro Tip: Make sure to get everyone dressed after breakfast! There’s never enough time to calm a crying child and remove stains before church begins!
2 brothers in pink polos 3 girls in pink striped dresses

Picture Time! Outfits For Photo Booths & The Easter Bunny

Many churches now offer photo booths with professional photographers for families to take pictures together following services. There’s no need to change outfits for this photo opportunity, but make sure you bring a hairbrush, lipstick (for Mom, of course), tissues, and wipes to handle any last-minute grooming or clean-up while you wait in line.

If you’re taking the kids to visit the Easter bunny, casual spring attire is appropriate. We recommend color-coordinating these Easter outfits and adding a little playfulness to each child’s look. For girls, let her choose a fun accessory, such as a bag or headband, and encourage boys to add suspenders or a fedora to showoff their style.

2 girls in Easter dress outfits

The Easter Meal

Doing a simple family meal? Going to a relatives home? Making reservations at a nice restaurant? Hosting (or attending) a big Easter party?

Regardless of your meal destination, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, check the dress code. It’s often okay to stay in the Easter outfits you wore to church, but showing up under or over-dressed can be embarrassing. Also, make sure your outfit is comfortable enough to handle all the good food you’ll be eating! Last, don’t forget that kids get messy. If they’re too old for a bib, bring a change of clothes or a large shirt to go over their Easter outfit while they eat.

Getting an entire family clean, dressed, and properly groomed on Easter morning can be stressful, so prepping everything the night before will help – set out outfits in everyone’s room and do as much prep work as possible (including having shoes, hair bows, and any other accessories ready). With some advanced planning, you can eliminate the last-minute clothing stress and enjoy the holiday!

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