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What Do The Stars Say: February 2019 Horoscopes For Kids

January 21, 2019
What Do The Stars Say: February 2019 Horoscopes For Kids

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)
Don’t be surprised, Mom, if your school-aged water-bearers are already busy forming their own, supportive “communities.” February is, for most little Aquarians, their favorite time of the year; it’s their birthday and their month to shine brightest. With the planet of love, aka Venus, entering Aquarius on the 2nd of February, take a moment to appreciate your kiddo’s singular way of seeing the world. These kids enjoy bettering the quality of everyone else’s lives — it’s one of their innate talents. This month, take some time to get them to focus on their own dreams and wishes. What makes them happy? This will help those little communities you see them building now, grow into something special that can be beneficial for everyone involved.
PISCES (February 20-March 19)
The beginning of this month brings with it a retrograde cycle, thanks to Jupiter’s visit in Pisces on the first of February. Your little fish may feel like retreating a bit from the world, but don’t worry, Mom, they’ll be right as rain once the Sun returns to Pisces on the 18th. There’s lots of planetary activity this month, with the communication planet, Mercury, paying a visit on the 16th, and Venus, the love planet, swinging past on the 26th, which means that your already intuitive kiddo’s sensitivity to how others feel will be heightened. Be there, Mom, to remind your child that it’s OK to feel how others feel, but it’s not on them to try and change it. This month’s mantra: Let it go – it’s healthy to do that and still be a good friend.

ARIES (March 20-April 19)
Hold on to your hat this February, Mom! Your fiery little ram has some big ideas they want to implement, and they’ve got both Mars, their ruling planet, as well as success-driven Capricorn behind them to ensure it pretty much goes down the way they’re thinking. We know, these kiddos are usually pretty “go with the flow” when it comes to planning, but this month, that’s all about to get a snow globe-like shake. Taking time to break down the “plan” for success is on the agenda, step-by-step, with a good dose of Capricorn determination and Aries conviction. This month, your little ram will be virtually unstoppable in a good way. Hang on for the ride!

TAURUS (April 20-May 21)
You know better than anyone, Mom, that your little Ox does not enjoy big (or often little) changes. It upsets their sense of stability and they may fight it, even when they know it’s better for them to take a new path. This month, with your gentle guidance, you’ll show them that it’s time to try something different, and yeah, something new that pretty much equals change. Here’s the upside: once you sell it to them, they’ll be fully on board, and with your support, they’ll take to this new routine like nobody’s business. Bonus: the New Moon in Aquarius is hanging out in your kiddo’s 10th house, which triggers this change and their acceptance of it. It’s go time.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
Has your little twin been a little off with family or friends this month, Mom? Have there been a few more disagreements than usual, or has your little one complained of someone not treating them right? This month, it’s time to literally clear the air with your little twin and vice versa. Mars, the planet of action, moves into the relationship area of your kiddo’s chart, and Virgo’s Full Moon moves into the house of family and home on the 23rd. By the end of the month, both your little twin (and you) will gain more clarity into what it will take to reconnect with those they have felt a bit “offish” toward. Give them a little push toward accepting (and giving) love and be supportive at this time. Once this hurdle is surpassed, you’ll all feel so much better!

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Mars is making its way through various signs this month, including Cancer’s 7th house (aka the “relationship” aspect of this sign) around the 6th of February. Here’s what this means to your sensitive little crab, Mom: Mars is the planet of action, so expect your kiddo to start asking for what they really want this month, especially when it comes to family and friends. You already know your child isn’t prone to confrontation — that just makes them want to retreat into their shells and hide away. But with the added sense of security they feel from you, Mom, and Mars, they’ll be more assertive and empowered to stand up for themselves right around now. And believe us, this is a BIG deal for your child. Hang back and let them do their thing, always trusting that they know you’ve got their back.

LEO (July 23-August 22)
There’s a running theme this month for most signs, Mom, and right now, it’s all about relationships. Your little cubs are no exception. The sun, this sign’s guardian angel of sorts, moves into Pisces on the 18th, focusing its energies in Leo’s chart with others on deeply emotional, psychological, and even spiritual levels. If you find your kiddo is more straight-shooting and direct than usual, this is why. They’re asking for what they want/need and hoping those closest to them will help them along this path. You’ve both got this!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
You already know your little Virgo is prone to a wee bit of over-analyzing, right, Mom? Around the 26th of February, that tendency gets a little shake-up with the help of Venus, the planet of love, moving through Pisces, Virgo’s relationship area. Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo, so where Virgo tends to over-think things to an almost infinitesimal degree, Pisces listens to their gut and goes on faith that all will work out. So if you see your kiddo going for it, without the usual hours of inner and outer debate, pay attention to what they’re doing and why. It might be a great lesson in learning to embrace their instincts and accept that, sometimes, going with the flow is really not a bad thing at all!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
This is a good time to level set for your little Libra, Mom, as Aquarius, that singularly unique sign, moves through Libra on the 2nd of February. Expect all of your kiddo’s more zany pals to get in on the fun; your kid loves to challenge convention sometimes after all. Jupiter, planet of growth, goes retrograde now, too, meaning that your child may re-evaluate all kinds of relationships. What’s working, what isn’t and how they’d like to change it may come up this month — and that’s a good thing, Mom. Libras are all about creating harmony and they show us that we are all teaching what’s most important for us to learn.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
There’s magic and wonder in your little scorpions this month, Mom. Guardian angel planet Mars moves through hard-working Capricorn on the 6th of February, which means your kiddo is able to tap into the energy of Capricorn as well as the intensity and get-it-doneness of Mars. Whatever your child wishes to build, create, or work on right now will be pretty impressive. If you see your kiddo is a bit introspective this month, that’s OK, too. They may be thinking about things they’d like to see change. Be there to guide them to that place full of light that makes them happy — it’s where these children shine brightest.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)
Is your super active little Archer’s energy and natural enthusiasm waning right about now, Mom? You have Jupiter, this sign’s “protector” planet, going into a four-month retrograde cycle starting at the beginning of the month to thank for that. Your usually half-glass-full kind of kiddo may be feeling less than optimistic…but don’t fret. That’s just the planets’ way of getting people, both young and young at heart, to think about what their purpose is — what do they want their life to look and feel like? Big questions for little people, yes, but with you and your family’s help, little Sags will get some important answers that could lead to bigger revelations down the road.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
Once every two years or so, Mars, the planet of “get it done, now!” steps into Capricorn’s sphere, and that happens again on February 6th this year. What does that mean for your little goat? It means your kiddo, when they choose a project that’s important to them, will be unstoppable. They’ll work hard to reach their goals without much delay or friction, and they may even find ways of doing things that shake up the usual, conventional methods and outcomes they prefer. Learning about innovation and using their talents is top of mind right now. High five those little goats, Mom! You all have a lot to be proud of.

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