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Making Holiday Ornaments & Decorations With Your Kids

December 4, 2018
Making Holiday Ornaments & Decorations With Your Kids

If the mood to “deck the halls” has you wondering what to make with your kiddo this year, we’ve got just what the elves ordered! From tree ornaments to window decorations, you don’t have to have Santa’s budget to add customizable whimsy and make merry this year. Here are four affordable, kid-friendly, do-able ideas to put some ho-ho-ho in your holiday!

Cookie Cutters Two Ways

Here’s an idea that’s as adaptable as it is fun, Mom. Start by buying some inexpensive, holiday-themed cookie cutters (think snowmen, gingerbread people, mittens, candy canes and the like) and some pretty ribbon that you and your little crafters choose together. Whether sparkly, red-and-white striped, or snowflake-flecked, all you have to do is wrap each cookie cutter tightly with ribbon, fastening each end with some hot glue. Then hang with a loop of raffia or thin ribbon in a complementary color.

If your little one leans more toward glitter and glam, try this version of the cookie cutter ornament instead: paint each cookie cutter using craft paint (in their favorite, festive colors) and sprinkle glitter over the still-wet paint. Let the ornament dry over parchment paper in a spot that’s dry (and pet-free), and finish by looping some ribbon at the top. It’s perfect for hanging on a tree, on a garland over the banister, or even on door handles if you’re feeling fancy!

Paper Perfection

If you really want to keep it simple, there’s nothing like creating a paper-based ornament that’s pretty. Make cardboard stencils of extra large Christmas tree ornament shapes. Use those same stencils to cut out the same shape using festive scrapbooking paper, kitchen foil, or leftover holiday wrapping.

Cover both sides of your sturdy cardboard with the pretty paper of your choice by gluing them in place. Once dry, trace the cardboard edge with white craft glue and sprinkle some glitter around the edge. Let this dry. Next, punch a hole at the top, tie a long ribbon, kitchen twine (for a more rustic look), or heavy yarn through the hole, and line a window with your family’s creations.

Customized Baubles

If you have really small hands wanting to create their own masterpiece, buy inexpensive, plastic and paper-mache round/ball ornaments plus a selection of fun, pretty Washi tape, and colorful acrylic paints. Your kiddos will love decorating the round ball ornament with strips of tape or splashes of color, creating a holiday ornament that speaks to their creativity and artistic vision.

The holidays are a fantastic time to do arts and crafts together. These ornament ideas are just a jumping off point — let your imagination run wild!

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