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A Relative’s Guide to Gifting Clothes (Instead Of Toys!) This Christmas

November 19, 2018
A Relative’s Guide to Gifting Clothes (Instead Of Toys!) This Christmas

Tis the season for giving but Christmas gifts for kids don’t always have to be the toys they’re asking for this year. Especially if you are a distant relative, friend or coworker who’s not privy to their wishlist for Santa! Here’s a little gift guide for giving clothes that’ll not only be holiday gifts that parents welcome but also appreciate and utilize (until their kid’s next growth spurt!).

For The New Kid In The Fam (Newborn)

A baby’s first Christmas is always exciting but they can only wear so many “My First Christmas” bodysuits… Gift something to make new parents’ lives easier! A good Christmas present idea could include a multipack of cute bodysuits, pants or even outfit sets that mix & match easily to help give them back some time throughout their day.

For The Kid That Loves Anything Cool Or Cuddly (2-4 Years Old)

Toddlers are in the stage of discovery (& obsession!) so styles with their favorite animals like dinosaurs, cats or bears will be the perfect Christmas gift. They’ll love that they can grow their collection of one critter or dabble in a couple of their favorites!

For The Kid That Loves To Run Around (5-9 Years Old)

Comfort over style is what most elementary school kids will want to wear every day. Luckily, athleisure has become such a closet staple that embellished track jackets or hoodies with comfy coordinating joggers will be an awesome outfit to gift!

For The Kid Discovering Their Personal Style (9-11 Years Old)

Gifting big kids can be intimidating because of their growing exploration with personal style. Instead of stressing about giving something cool, think about giving them something useful! Cold weather accessories are seasonal, always needed and come in a range of fashions that’ll (for the most part) be easy to gift & blend with a kid’s unique style. Make sure to add a gift receipt, just in case!

The Ultimate Gift Add-On

Once you’ve picked out Christmas presents for kids, just add the finishing touch: a gift card! They’re a perfect surprise and let kids pick out what they really want or need.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the gift guide. Christmas shopping for kids who aren’t your own will be easy now that you’re armed with great, non-toy present ideas. Keep calm and gift on!

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