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Holiday Style Help: How To Wash Flip Sequins & Faux Fur

November 3, 2018
Holiday Style Help: How To Wash Flip Sequins & Faux Fur

The holidays are fast approaching and that means gifting and dressing the kids up in so many sequined & faux fur styles. Because who doesn’t love a fab embellished party look?! However, their extra special outfits also require extra special care and attention. Washing these kinds of styles in a normal washer & dryer is usually a party “Don’t” (with some exceptions), so read on to learn what it takes to keep their sequins shining and faux furs furry all holiday season long!

How To Wash Flip Sequins

Your kid’s flip sequin collection has grown faster than they have and now you have to take care of them, too! From holographic sequins to shiny metallic ones, here are tips on how to wash sequins…the little discs that keep them blingin’.

  1. First thing’s first. Got stains? Dab ’em with a spot treatment. Do not rub the stain! Repeat: DO NOT RUB. Rubbing ruins the fabric itself, plus enlarges the stain’s diameter. Instead, test a patch of fabric with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If it doesn’t damage the style, dab the swab at the stain working from outside and moving inwards. Keep dabbing until the swab absorbs the stain. Change to a new swab before it’s fully saturated to avoid redistributing the stain.
  2. Hand-wash in a clean sink or big basin. And try not to wash extremely different colored items in case they’re dyed a certain way… You don’t want things to bleed on each other.
  3. Always wash the style inside out! Focus on cleaning the actual fabric because that’s what gets the most action (especially with kids always running around & sweating!).
  4. Wash in cold water. Hot or warm water will run the risk of melting or altering the sequins, making for a sad kid and an awkward-fitting flip sequin experience.
  5. Wash with mild or all-natural detergents. Regular formula detergents have certain chemicals that can tarnish embellishments and harm delicate fibers.
  6. Swirl the style (or gently knead it). Do it enough to get it soapy! Then flip the style back out.
  7. Clean the sequins with a gentle, once-over swipe. Then flip the sequins and do the other side of the graphic.
  8. Rinse thoroughly & squeeze out the water. Fold the style into 3 or 4 folds, being careful not to squish the sequins in a way that moves or misplaces them too much. Then, gently squeeze out the water. Do not wring it out.
  9. Drip dry first (to get excess water out), then lay flat to dry. Their fave flip sequin style should be good as new in a couple of hours!

How To Clean Faux Fur

Furry jackets, sweaters and scarves are always fun style statements but they’re also big on needing extra TLC (tender loving laundry care). Most times you can get away with throwing them in the washer & hang drying, but always be sure to read the care label before you do so! A few general rules to follow…

  1. Got stains on their fave faux fur style? Follow the first step up above!
  2. Remove any pocket items. This’ll avoid ruining the fur while tumbling in the wash.
  3. Follow the same flip sequin washing steps 3, 4 and 5.
  4. Choose a hand wash or low spin cycle. The fur fibers will stay better intact. If you’re worried about machine washing, feel free to follow the flip sequin hand washing techniques.
  5. After washing, roll up the style in a clean dry towel. Squeeze out excess water. Do this with the style inside out, and then with its faux fur side out.
  6. Shake the faux fur to get its fluff back. Then hang dry it!
  7. Separate the dry fur with a wide-toothed comb. Be gentle and don’t tug the tangles too hard.

Washing special bedazzled or textured styles with extra care can be a little cumbersome, but worth it when it comes to getting their holiday party outfits to last through the season! These techniques will also help preserve the styles when they become hand-me-downs. Be sure to follow these tips & tricks…they’ll get the best out of their sparklin’ faves!

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