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How to Survive & Thrive During Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

November 1, 2018
How to Survive & Thrive During Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday and its virtual companion, Cyber Monday, are great days to secure deals on holiday gifts as well as many household needs. While the previous generation may have only had a store circular and a thermos of coffee to guide them as they waited in line for a coveted Cabbage Patch Kid, today’s parents who are looking for Black Friday deals for kids (as well as Cyber Monday deals for kids) have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Using these pre-shopping planning strategies, you’ll be sure to maximize your holiday dollars as well as your time and energy.

Make A Shopping List

Going holiday shopping without a list is like going to the grocery store hungry. You’ll come home with too much and forget important gifts. Before even looking at what the stores will have on sale, make a comprehensive list of all the presents you need to buy and your anticipated budget. Organize any kids’ wish lists in order of their most desired gift down to the less desired gifts.

Do you have clothing on your list? Don’t forget to write down everyone’s sizes. Even if the Black Friday kids clothes are for your own children, save yourself the brain power and record their sizes. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to remember the shoe size of your youngest while racing through the aisles of their favorite shop.

Gather Store Ads & Emails

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for, sifting through the store and website emails will be a lot easier. Using your list, note which stores have the best price for your desired purchases as well as any additional offers such as an additional percentage off for spending over a certain dollar amount, or a free gift with purchase. Consider these bonuses when making your shopping strategy, because while another store might have a better price on one item, combining your purchases at the same store could save you more money.

Take note of which stores begin their deals on Thanksgiving night, and decide if you are willing to go out after turkey in order to take advantage of them. Big-ticket items such as televisions and gaming systems are usually heavily discounted on these nights, but only in limited quantities.

Prepare For Your Shopping Adventure

Half of the battle of a successful Black Friday outing is being ready. If you plan on going out for the evening/all-night shopping, make sure you’re well-rested. Carry water and high-protein snacks. Consider meeting up with a friend to make the trek more fun. Do you have to bring along any of your kids? Make sure you’ve powered up their tablet and brought along snacks and activities so they don’t get bored and cranky. Always keep in mind that the happier your tiny companions are, the more successful your trip will be. And don’t forget to schedule small breaks while you’re shopping. Your feet will thank you.

Online Shopping Tips

Cyber Monday deals are also a great way to save money on gifts and clothing, provided you do some legwork. Most websites will tease their promotions, although some may keep them a surprise for the day of the sale. In order to learn as much as possible, look up last year’s promotions for a guide. Additionally, sign up for emails from websites you like and follow them on social media as brands will often provide more information for their loyal customers.

Shopping for holiday gifts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday can seem overwhelming, but by following our planning and preparation tips, you are well on your way to saving money and time.

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