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Simple Halloween Safety Tips For Parents (And Kids!)

October 10, 2018
Simple Halloween Safety Tips For Parents (And Kids!)

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages, but parents may worry about their children’s safety while celebrating. Whether you are getting your little one ready for trick-or-treating or sending your tween to their first Halloween party, we’ve got your safety concerns covered.


No matter if your child’s Halloween costume is store-bought or homemade, make sure it is made of flame resistant material and fits well. You don’t want your child to trip and fall, causing injury and cutting their celebration short.

If the costume includes a mask, make sure they can breathe normally and see sufficiently. The weather on Halloween can vary greatly, so make sure your child is warm enough but not overheated by extra layers.

When it comes to accessories or props, avoid hard, sharp, or heavy objects. Opt instead for soft, flexible materials. Keep shoes comfortable and safe: leave the high-heeled dress up shoes in the costume bin at home.


Trick-or-treating safely after dark means your child should have a flashlight. Additionally, use reflective tape on their costumes and treat bags so others can see them, particularly when crossing the street. And definitely remind your child not to dart out into the street even if they see older kids running back and forth across the road.


Children should be in the habit of not eating or playing with anything that their parent hasn’t checked out (especially if they have any food allergies). This includes candy as well as any toys with small pieces that might not be safe for your preschooler.


Allowing your tween to attend a Halloween party can be nerve-wracking. For your peace of mind and their own well-being, discuss your expectations and any rules beforehand, including curfew. Reassure them that you will come get them if they find themselves in any unsafe situations. Check with the host of the party to make sure that there will be proper adult supervision, and make sure that the environment of the party is safe. Your child may bristle at your concerns, so talk them through together as a team.

Halloween means candy, costumes, and a good time to be had by all. By taking a few preparatory steps, you can rest easy celebrating with your children.

Have a safe Halloween!

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