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All The Ways To Layer ‘Em Up This Fall

September 18, 2018
All The Ways To Layer ‘Em Up This Fall


The kids are back in school, the summer heat is starting to fade (just a little!) and fall is here. You know what that means, Mom. It’s time to start having the annual convince-your-kid-to-wear-a-jacket-to-school fight!

Don’t worry, we found a style solution essential to fall fashion… layer ’em up instead!

Layers For Girls

Dressing your girl in layers can be fun for both of you! There are so many stylish options to play with. With fall clothes for girls, the ideas are endless!

If she wears a uniform to school, open-front sweaters, like cardigans, are a must! Cardigans are the perfect style to keep her warm in class. They go with everything, including dresses, skirts, and pants. Stock up on neutral colors like black, white, and navy, that go with any fall outfit.

Basic long sleeve tees are also a great style. She can wear them under her uniform on chillier fall days, or layer them under sweaters for all her weekend adventures. Make sure to get her a couple of short sleeve layering tees, too! These are perfect to wear under graphic pullovers and hoodies, especially on those early fall days, when it’s like Antarctica in the morning, and the Sahara in the afternoon.

And when the time comes to really wear a jacket, make sure to get her one she’ll want to put on. Try an oh-so-cool bomber jacket that features a trendy print or eye-catching graphics, and she can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. If she’s looking for a super cozy style, a solid faux fur jacket in her favorite color is the perfect solution—wearing it feels like being wrapped in a blanket!

Layering The Boys

Like the girls, getting boys long sleeve tees is a great way to layer on his fall fashion style. He can wear these tees with his school uniform, or layer them underneath his favorite sweater. They’re also a style staple, and can always be worn with jeans, joggers, or sweatpants!

Graphic pullovers and hooded tops are an essential for fall fashion. He’ll love the fun design, and you’ll love knowing that he’s warm and comfortable. He’ll also get a lot of use out of them, so you’ll know the money was well-spent. When winter rolls around, these shirts are great to wear on their own, too.

Remember, outerwear doesn’t have to mean a puffy jacket. Make sure to get him some stylish picks, so he won’t fight you about wearing them. In kids’ fall clothes, denim jackets are essential. They can be styled with anything, and he won’t feel like he’s wearing a coat. Don’t forget to try our trail jackets. They’re super warm, and come in a trendy marled finish with a few different color options.

A vest is the best of both worlds! It has all the benefits of keeping him warm, but it moves with him, thanks to the sleeveless silhouette. Try dressing him in a warm vest with his favorite long sleeve graphic tee!

Let’s Get Layering

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to bring on the layers and get your kids fall fashion ready! Remember to get some staple styles, like black and white tees, and the more sweaters, the better. Don’t forget to bring your kid along for their input!

Happy Fall, Mom & Dad!

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