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Pair ’em and Wear ’em: Boots & Socks Tips & Tricks

August 28, 2018
Pair ’em and Wear ’em: Boots & Socks Tips & Tricks

Boot socks keep your kids dry in the rain, warm in the cold and they always look super cute (they’re way more stylish than the leg warmers you used to wear!). And one of the best parts? They can accessorize and personalize any outfit with their own touch…from flowers to emojis to aliens.

Fun and cute boot socks have been a trend for the past few fall and winter seasons, and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some tips and tricks on how your kids can wear and style them!

Tall Boots & Boot Socks

One of the most common and classic ways to wear girls’ boot socks is with tall boots. These look great with dresses and skirts in the fall, and skinny jeans in the winter. We recommend choosing a sock that complements the outfit she’s wearing. A solid pair of knee socks are great for her to wear with her uniform, while fun, printed knee sock is perfect for her weekend adventures.

Keep an eye out for the right height! You’ll want the sock to peek out of the top of the boot by about an inch or two.

Ankle Booties & Crew or Midi Socks

She doesn’t need to wear tall boots to hop on the boots and socks style train! Ankle booties go with just about any outfit—from jeans to dresses to uniforms. Add some pizzazz to her booties with crew or midi socks.

With ankle boots, you can play around more with the height of the sock, letting it peak out by a few inches rather than just one or two. This is also a sweet style for toddler girls, too, since ankle boots are easier to get on and off, and super comfy for when she starts walking.

Pro tip: get a pair of socks with a roll cuff! A lot of packs come in a wide variety of colors, and having the option to roll them up or down makes these socks perfect for boots!

Layer up!

What do you get when you dress her in boots, boot socks AND tights? Layers upon layers of style! Adding boot socks to a dress is a great way to give her some casual and comfy style, and the tights will keep her warm and cozy even during the coldest of winter months.

Beyond the Boot

There are some cool, fun, colorful and printed socks out there for boys and girls of all ages…and they don’t just have to wear them with boots! Multi-packs featuring basic and printed crew socks are a huge hit with moms because there are SO MANY pairs to stock up on. Little fashionistas will love that there is a pair to match everything in their closet.

We can’t forget about the boys! He’ll rock some fun and out-of-this-world pairs of socks with his favorite sneakers, or during his sports practice. For even more epic, every day sock style, check out printed and graphic socks!

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