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Life at Our PLACE: 2018 Back-to-School Fashion Show

July 28, 2018
Life at Our PLACE: 2018 Back-to-School Fashion Show

A few weeks ago, employees of The Children’s Place HQ office gathered in the cafeteria for an exciting perk… the Back-to-School Fashion Show. The place where they normally eat lunch was epically transformed into a fashion show space. Art designers went all out creating a runway display complete with curtains, music, lights and graphics made to complement the clothes.

The best part was that the fashion show starred kids of The Children’s Place employees, making it extra cute and special!

Kids Just Being Kids

As the viewers took their seats, kids (turned runway models for the day!) of all ages gathered backstage, being primped and prepped by The Children’s Place stylists. They were filled with nervous excitement as they planned how they were going to strut their stuff down the runway.

The fashion show was organized into sections based on the styles being shown, opening with trendy school outfits. Kids danced down the runway wearing huge smiles as the audience cheered them on. When they reached the end, they took an extra few seconds in the spotlight. Boys dabbed and flossed, while girls blew kisses and gave each other high-fives.

The next category focused on uniforms, showing the audience that just because a kid has to wear a uniform to school, doesn’t mean they can’t style it to be their own with trendy accessories! This group was having just as much fun, with some staying put at the end of the runway, waving and smiling at the audience, instead of turning around and heading backstage.

The Matching Family group got a lot of cheers, as some of the models were the employees themselves! One group had Mom walking down the runway wearing the Women’s Short Sleeve ‘Boss Lady’ Matching Family Graphic Tee, while her kids wore the coordinating ‘Mom’s The Boss’ Matching Family Graphic Tee. In another, Dad wore the Men’s Daddy And Me Short Sleeve ‘Best Dad’ Matching Graphic Tee, and his son wore the Toddler Boys version.

The show ended with a special appearance by some of the Kids Style Squad members, like Bobby, Sienna, Ava, and Emperor! Don’t forget to check out our Kids Style Squad page to see the kids’ style picks!

Back-to-School Musts

Want to know what to add to your back-to-school shopping list? Don’t worry — thanks to the BTS Fashion Show, we know exactly what to get ’em.

If your girl doesn’t have to wear a uniform to school, then be sure to buy sequin EVERYTHING! This sparkly detail was dominating the runway. For boys, make sure to get a pair of stretchy denim! It’s stylish, goes with just about anything, and is comfy enough for all his activities.

For uniform kids, fun accessories to make their outfit their own are essential. Emoji slap bracelets, cool digital watches, and cat ear headbands are just some of the styles your kids will go crazy for.

No matter what your kids wear to school, you can’t go wrong with stylish backpacks! Kids on the runway wore everything from camo to superhero to glittery patch backpacks… perfect for carrying all of their school day necessities! Make sure to get them a lunch box they’ll love to go with it!

The first day of school is just around the corner! Get them prepared and ready for class with the ultimate back-to-school styles at The Children’s Place.

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