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3 Ways To Make A Statement On The First Day Of School

July 25, 2018
3 Ways To Make A Statement On The First Day Of School

When it comes to first day of school outfits, graphic tees are the easiest way to show off your kid's growing personality & style. They're comfy to wear all day long (without complaints!) and ready to mix & match with all the essential pieces you pick up for their school year wardrobe. Plus, they're affordable enough to buy a handful for the season and let your kids explore all sorts of styles! Here's 3 easy ways to make a statement on their first day of school...

Pick a graphic, any graphic!

The graphic tee choices are endless at our PLACE but the basic types include graphic only, statement only and tees with a graphic & statement. Choosing a tee depends on how your kid likes to express themselves. Do they like to let pictures do all the talking? Grab a graphics only tee - this is especially fun for Paw Patrol, Avengers and other character fans. Do they always have something nice to share or something funny to say? A tee with all words is a fun way to share what they believe in - especially girl power, kid power and all things awesome & kind. If they prefer a little bit of both elements, a graphic plus statement tee will be the perfect mix!

Glow-in-the-dark, glitter and flip sequins, OH MY.

Once they've got a type of graphic in mind, picking a graphic technique is the next fun thing for kids to focus on. They can either keep it clean & cool with a classic screen-print, or choose from a range of special techniques to make their first day of school shirts pop! For girls who believe they can never have enough sparkle in their lives, graphics featuring sandy or chunky glitter and metallic foils are no-brainers. Fun flip sequin graphics are for the fab trendsetters - boys can even pick from a couple tees coming up soon! Lastly, special types of graphic treatments include textured felt or puff paint prints and totally cool glow-in-the-dark styles.

So many ways to style out loud!

The best and last part of figuring out what to wear on the first day of school is putting it all together. There are so many ways to approach a cute first day of school look including adding layers, matching with loved ones or wearing a themed outfit! Layering is the easiest way to style a graphic tee. For girls, it's wearing them under dresses or under a cool cardigan. For boys, it's wearing them under or over a crisp button-down shirt!

Matching with siblings or best friends is another fun way to wear a graphic tee. The pair (or group) can choose to wear the same exact thing or they can choose to wear different outfits but with similarly designed graphics to keep some uniformity. They can even pick a theme to follow while styling, which could range from wearing their favorite color, their favorite character (i.e. emojis, unicorns, space, dinos, etc.) or even a special print from head to toe.

Tackling first day of school outfit ideas can be daunting at first, but a graphic tee is the best (and most stylish) starting point for you, your wallet and your kids' budding personality!

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