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We’re Flippin’ Out Over Flip Sequin Styles!

July 12, 2018
We’re Flippin’ Out Over Flip Sequin Styles!

If you have a daughter (or niece, cousin, friend…) then you've probably heard of flip sequins. If you haven't, you should know that everyone is flippin' out over them! This trend is taking over.

Sequins have been used to embellish clothing and accessories for quite some time, so what makes flip sequins so special? They're reversible, designed to flip from one side to another when you run your hand along them. When they flip, the color, pattern or graphic changes, too.

In girls' styles, there's everything from flip sequin tops, shoes and dresses, to headbands, backpacks and accessories!

Flip Sequin Shirts

A flip sequin shirt takes the coolest of graphic tees to a completely new level. Does she want to wear pink? Does she want to wear yellow? Well, how about both! With Girls' Flip Sequin Graphic Tops, she can switch the color of the ice cream cone design, the #SQUAD graphic, choose between tigers and so much more!


Flip Sequin Shoes

Flip sequins aren't only for clothes. They're also the perfect way to dress up her shoes with FUN. Get her all set for a day by the pool with the Girls' Flip Sequin Shoes. This trendy summer style changes from rose gold to silver sequins.

For all her fun sneaker adventures, you can't go wrong with the Girls' Flip Sequin Emoji Slip-on Sneaker. It features a smiley face graphic at the front, and she can choose between all-over hot pink sequins or rainbow ones!

Back to School with Flip Sequins

Get her back to school in the best of style! The Girls' Flip Sequin Iridescent Backpack has a front pocket that flips from light pink sequins to silver sequins! She'll love carrying all of her school books and supplies knowing that she'll be wearing this fun bag. You can even get her the matching pencil case and lunch box to go with it!

Whether she wears a uniform or can choose her outfit, get her the trendiest accessories! She can make her style all her own with flip sequin bracelets and girls headbands!

A Flippin' Future

Hey, Mom, keep your eyes open for the ongoing flip sequin trend. We have a feeling she's going to put it on her holiday wish list.

Don't forget, flip sequin clothes aren't only for your mini-princess! Moms everywhere are obsessing over flip sequin everything. Match your girl with a cute flip sequin dress or bag, or use it as a theme for your home décor, with special touches like flip sequin pillows. No matter what style you choose, people will flip over it!

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