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Everything You Need to Know About Distressed Denim

July 10, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Distressed Denim

Hey, Mom! Remember back in the day when you would buy the perfect pair of jeans… and then take them home to destroy them? Your parents thought you had lost your mind for spending money on clothes only to “ruin” them with rips, and they couldn’t understand why, no matter how many times you told them.

Flash forward some years (that went by in a snap!), and now you’re the parent whose kids want to wear distressed denim. Guess what? The distressed denim trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to get your kids distressed jeans for an edgy, cool look.

Outfitted out

Distressed denim can make an average, everyday outfit look trendy. The style first emerged with metal and punk rock music that was popular in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, and then made a comeback in the 1990’s with grunge. Here’s how they can wear it.

Graphic tees and sneakers are one of the go-to ways to style distressed denim. Make sure to get them a tee that shows off their personality! A great pair of kicks, like slip-on sneakers for girls, or hi-top sneakers for boys, are a must.

Don’t be afraid to dress up distressed denim! Pairing girls’ distressed jeans with cute sandals and a flowy off-shoulder top can be a best-dressed winner. Boys score major style points with distressed jeans, and a comfy jersey polo or classic Oxford button-down.

All about Placement

Even though you may have been all for distressed jeans way back when, now that you’re a mom, you might hear your own parents telling you they’ll fall apart. That purposeful rip on the right knee can turn into a gaping hole after a few wears and washes. And for your adventurous boy and on-the-go girl? Forget it!

The good news? Ripped denim has come a long way since the days of DIY.

Be sure to buy the kind of distressed denim that’s made to last. The rips, holes, and abrasions should always be in a place where they would naturally happen, and they shouldn’t be too large or deep (hint: They should never look like a cut-out!). They should be light rips that give the denim a lived-in texture.

Another great tip is that the distressed shouldn’t be on the back. Think about how many times a day your kid gets up, sits down and squirms in their seat. Adding a small rip to that movement can make for a hole situation.

Finishing Touches

The treatment and finishing of the distressed denim makes a major impact, too!

Handsanding and whiskering creates a worn, lived-in look, as seen in the Girls Basic Super Skinny Jeans – Victory Blue Wash. Pre-washing denim adds softness for all-day comfort and prevents unwanted shrinkage in future washes.

Give your kids the clothes they want! Distressed denim is a style statement for boys and girls that isn’t going anywhere. Relive your days as a fashion rebel and trendsetter by getting them a pair.

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