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Rain, Rain, Go Away: Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

July 8, 2018
Rain, Rain, Go Away: Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

Rainy days often cause disappointment and restlessness among children. Real talk? They can be stressful for parents, too: What to do on a rainy day?

The answer: There are plenty of things to do on a rainy day! You just have to be a little creative.

In order to keep the kids happy and active on stormy days, be ready ahead of time with a list of indoor activities for kids that won't require a lot of preparation. A rainy day will fly by when you and your kids are having fun!

Throw a Karaoke Party

When you can't get out of the house and burn some energy by riding bikes or kicking a ball around, gather some costumes, make-up, and flashy accessories and play rock stars. If you don't own a karaoke machine (#familygoals), check with your on-demand options from your cable provider, as many karaoke options are available, or keep it simple (and cheap!) with some online kids' karaoke videos.

If you want to get a little more complicated, set up a round of "Rainy Day Idol," and compete with one another for the winning title. Dance routines and audience participation should always be encouraged.

Create Salt Dough Ornaments Ornaments aren't just for the holidays! Kids can use homemade ornaments to decorate their bedrooms or a tree in the yard. Combine a few simple ingredients — 1 cup salt, 2 cups of flour, and 3/4 cup of water — to make a simple dough that's safe for all ages. You can also divide the dough and add some food coloring.

Use cookie cutters to create fun shapes and various kitchen tools to gently imprint patterns into the dough. Have the children look around for other materials that might make a good pattern in the dough. Before baking, use a drinking straw to make a small hole at the top of the ornament so you can hang it. Bake the ornaments for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. After the salt dough ornaments have cooled, they can also be painted.

Dig out the Craft Supply Bin

You know all those odds and ends you hang onto from started projects? The stamps you bought from the craft store, or the skeins of yarn you swore you would make into a scarf just as soon as you learned how to knit? Drag out those bins and let your kids get creative in any way they want. Fabric, paints, yarn, scrapbooking materials, all of it. If they're short on their own ideas to get started, let them search the web (with your supervision) for fun uses of yarn and fabric and leftover wrapping paper.

Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theater

When everyone is worn out, close the curtains, turn out the lights, and pop a large vat of popcorn. Work together to choose a family-friendly movie that no one has seen before. Make an exception to the usual rules and let the kids bring drinks into the living room, and if you've got a stash of candy somewhere, let everyone have a small treat while watching. Just make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand. If you have a vinyl tablecloth, you can also lay it out on the floor in case of food and drink messes.

Take the Party Outside

*IF* (and ONLY if!) there is no lightning, put on your raincoats and rain boots (or your swimsuit and flip flops if it's a warm day) and go outside to jump in the puddles. Don't be afraid to make a mess! You can always rinse off with the hose before heading back in. If you have some washable markers or paint, make a design on paper before heading outside, then see what an artistic collaboration with the rain looks like. For preschoolers, bring out the bath toys and let them play with them in the puddles. Any dirt can be easily wiped off.

Parents no longer need to dread rainy days. In fact, with a little planning and armed with a list of creative things to do, you may find yourself looking forward to being rained in with your kids once in awhile.

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