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We’ve Got Your Back: The Best Backpacks For School & Beyond!

July 6, 2018
We’ve Got Your Back: The Best Backpacks For School & Beyond!

Meet the trusty sidekick that'll have your kids' back all year long! Our school backpacks are roomy, durable and have the chops (aka notable features) to get the kids through long bus rides, homeroom rush, all the endless after-school activities they've got going on and more.


Super details for a friendship that lasts

Averaging 16.5" x 12" x 6" in size – that's about 15 library books or 950 mini pom-pom balls – this large backpack is ready to tackle everything from folders to gym shoes to homemade slime (protected in a plastic bag, of course!). Made of 600D polyester, it's also lightweight, abrasion-resistant and tough!

  • Side mesh pockets stash water bottles, trinkets, treasures and more….
  • Padded adjustable straps & back mean the kids can hang out all day (and lift 50 lbs. comfortably )
  • Double zip closure lets kids grab (or hide) things every which way!
  • An inner catch-all sleeve is cool and clutter-free -- the way to be
  • Interior name tag lets kids make the backpack their own 🙂

Every friendship style is unique

Our school bags share the same core features, but each one is a little different in style and personality just like your kid! Ranging from kindergarten backpacks with their favorite TV show characters to the big kids' trendy backpacks, we've got so many choices they'll love to hang out in. We're talkin' about aliens, emojis, flip sequins and so much more to show off everywhere they go!

Complete your back-to-school #squad!

What's a kid without the support of their friends?! A BPA-free & dishwasher-safe water bottle will keep them hydrated all day! Picky eaters will love bringing their food in our easy-to-clean, insulated lunch boxes. Plus, round out their school accessories with a matching pencil case. It hold 21 markers, 4 Sharpies, 3 pencils and 1 pen – trust us, we tested it!

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